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Best Recurring Maid Services In Houston TX Area

Serving Houston, Oak Forest, Shepherd Park, Heights, Spring Branch, Memorial, West University, Cypress, Katy, Bellaire, Hunters Creek Village

Keep Your Beautiful Home Clean and Healthy With Our Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly Cleaning Services!

Working from Home

Come Home To Relax - Not Clean!

Come Home To Pure Bliss

We all work too hard these days to come home and have to clean the house. When you are able to check house cleaning off your to-do list, you'll find that you have a lot more time for all the good things life has to offer. Isn't it time to give yourself a break and hire a Houston TX cleaning services to keep your house clean week after week? Like most of our clients, you'll wonder what took you so long!

  • ​Screened and trained professional Houston TX house cleaners.

  • our company is insured & bonded.

  • Equipment & and supplies are provided.

  • The same team cleans when possible.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Cleaners wear uniforms.

  • Cleaners wear shoe covers and gloves in every home.


Choose From Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Or Monthly Cleaning Services!

What's The Best Schedule For Your Houston Tx Home?

When scheduling your recurring cleaning service it's important to select the right frequency for you and your family. For busy houses with three or more family members and pets, our biweekly service is generally the best bet. Biweekly service is frequent enough to relieve you of most housekeeping chores beyond daily tasks such as washing dishes and picking up. For smaller, less busy households our monthly service is often enough. Many of our senior and empty-nest clients love our monthly service. And, if you really want to give up cleaning for good, our weekly service is quite a luxury.

If you're ready to give up cleaning, complete the form to your right and we'll get you a great quote.

Top 3 Benefits Of Hiring A Cleaning Service In The Houston Tx Area



Hiring a cleaning service In Houston Tx on a recurring weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis will ensure that your home stays clean week after week. The more frequent the cleaning visits are, the less house cleaning you will have to do. With weekly and biweekly cleaning services, you're cleaning chore list is kept to a minimum with just the daily chores like cleaning up the kitchen on your to-do list.


More Free Time

It just makes sense that the less time you spend cleaning is more time spent doing something else - hopefully, something you really enjoy doing! Part of our mission is to free up our client's time so they have more time with loved ones. We're here to do that for you when you're ready.


 A Professional Cleaning That Completes All Of The Tasks

We know that when you're cleaning your own home, there may be things you don't like doing so you skip those items or just give them a light once over. When we do the cleaning we will complete all tasks on our checklist to the highest quality standard.

You're always getting a thorough cleaning with us!

If you are ready to give up cleaning, give us a call and we'll get you a free and fast home cleaning quote. Once the recurring services are started, all of our clients tell us they wish they would have taken the plunge earlier. A recurring cleaning service is an immediate improvement in the quality of your life!

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